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February 7, 2014


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About Healthy Black Communities, Inc.

Healthy Black Communities, Inc. (HBC) is a 501(c)3 tax exempt international nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect and promote healthy Black communities, both domestically and internationally - through program, organization and community development. HBC was founded in August 2001 by three Black men (LaMont "Montee" Evans, Emmanuel L. Dennis and Luga J. Joseph) in Atlanta, Georgia with an initial focus to improve the quality of life for Black people in Georgia and spread the organization's wings as time, resources and opportunity were realized.


While Blacks make up approximately 14% of the United States population, HBC is unapologetically focused on Black communities where disproportionate health disparities are represented. The organization provides health education and disease prevention programs to local communities and networks, regional groups, national organizations and projects, and works with international coordinating bodies for larger programs such as National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) which is February 7 of each year.


Our primary focus is to contribute to the reduction of health disparities impacting Black communities by working in partnership with government, public and private sector entities, both domestically and internationally. We seek to develop and/or replicate programs that have proven effective in improving the quality of life for segments of Black communities.


In 2005, HBC registered in Ghana, West Africa to focus on health education and disease prevention programming in that country. More specifically; HIV/AIDS education, clean water wells, guinea worm elimination and healthy eating. HBC has also signed International Memorandums of Understanding with organizations in Cote d'Ivoire and Haiti (post January 2010 Earthquake) to transfer knowledge and information around programs that work to address health disparities within Black communities in the United States and replicate them internationally.


The organization has three purposes: educational, social and charitable. HBC's Board of Directors work tirelessly to ensure that the growth and development of the organization is both manageable and responsive to immediate needs addressing Black communities in the areas of operation. The organization is structured into four divisions (Centers): Center for Black Family Wellness; Center for Black Same Gender Loving Development; Center for International Excellence and the Center for Organization & Technology Development.


HBC has been instrumental in developing health education and disease prevention programs throughout the United States, having directly assisted more than 3,500 organizations in the past five years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Health Departments have funded initiatives led by HBC for community based organizations to access HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment programs and services.


HBC's 2020 Strategic Plan provides a blueprint for the direction of the organization. It's composition has served to guide and direct partnerships, relationships, collaborations and the like. It has also served in providing a clear direction for the Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers, Funders, Partners and those generally interested in the future of the organization. If HBC's past and current work is any indication of how far the organization will go, Greatness will be the fuel that ignites the flames for generations to come to see.


HBC's vision is to serve as one of the leading organizations working to change the landscape of health for Black people, domestically and internationally.  We are destined to make Black communities healthy, strong, and vibrant.


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